All of the websites that we create are built around the desires and requirements of our Clients. This means that the process can vary greatly from project to project, and from Client to Client. Every Project is unique.

Here is our basic guide to website development::

  • Initial Meeting

    Where possible, we like to meet our Clients face to face to establish a strong working relationship and to gather the information that we need. Whether this is possible or not, on first contact we aim to establish the following things:

    • Requirements for the projected web site – what do you want the site to achieve?
    • Information on your Company and product – Who are you? Who are your customers? What do you sell? Who are your competitors/ allies?
    • Strategy – Is the website part of a larger online/ offline strategy?
    • Existing materials – Do you have a brand identity? Do you have a website? Do you have corporate guidelines to adhere to?
    • Inspirations – Do you have any ideas for the site? Are there any other sites that you like aspects of?
    • Constraints – Do you have a tight deadline or budget?

    We will also provide, and discuss with you:

    • Explanation of each stage of the process
    • Copy of our terms
    • Possible solutions for the project
    • Recommendations and ideas using our knowledge of SEO, social networking and web strategy
    • Portfolio of our designs

    This stage is a free consultation – we want to build a relationship and an understanding of your company, product and requirements

  • After The Meeting

    After the initial meeting will collate all the information, and provide you with:

    • Quote
      • Breakdown of the website and costs
      • What we will supply at each stage
      • What we need from you at each stage
      • Deadline
      • Overall cost
    • Project Agreement
      • Our terms for the project and an “Acceptance of Commission” form

    • On Acceptance of Commission

      We then need you to provide us with a signed copy of the Project Agreement (which includes the acceptance of commission), with 50% of the agreed fee.

      We are then ready to begin the real work!

  • Hosting

    If you do not have a domain name and web space we are happy to offer these services for you at a reasonable cost . We handle the set up and configuration from here, and will set up your new email addresses too. If you're excited about getting a domain name immediately, it's easier in the long run if you wait until we've understood your requirements and can recommend or suggest the best available domain names. Domain names can also play an important part in SEO, so it's better to wait to speak to us before you go ahead and get one.

    If you already have a domain name and web space, and they are correctly set up for your requirements, we can get started without delay.

    What will you see?

    You will see a blank page at , be able to receive emails to your new email addresses, and have access to watch your site being built.

  • Wireframe structure

    We will structure your site, including all of the pages, features and functions in to a wire frame layout design and sitemap. Because we believe in giving each site solid foundations as well as great design, this is the stage where we plan the navigation, organization and content of the site.

  • Copywriting, images and content

    Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible for supplying us with the copy, images and other content for the site.

  • Design

    Based on all of the information that you've given us, plus our knowledge of what works on the web we will produce 2 completely different, website concepts.

    You can then pick a design and provide feedback. What did you like most about the design? Are there any changes that you'd like made? We'll then make any necessary revisions to the design and show it to you again for feedback. We provide up to 3 revisions, with any changes being made after this being charged at an hourly rate.

    Each design is supplied as an actual size .jpg file not an actual functioning website..

    You must sign off the design, and provide us with all of the content before we can start the build.

  • Build

    The coding of a web site depends greatly on its complexity, features, format, and number of pages.

    All of our web sites are based on the latest W3 web standards using valid XHTML and CSS to make them search engine friendly and accessible. We test our web sites on all modern browsers (and mobile devices if specified) including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

  • SEO

    The site is now built, but not yet live to the public or search engines. Our final stage is to optimise the site so that search engines can find you. The level of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will depend on which package you have chosen: basic or advanced.

  • Launch!

    Once we are satisfied that there are no bugs holding back the site, and once you are happy and have signed off on final changes, we are ready to launch!

    We require you to sign off the final project and complete payment before we make the site live on your domain.