CMS Sites

Imagine if changing your website was as simple as writing an email

The advantages:

It's economical: you don't have to hire a web designer to make changes

•It's relevant: you can add, edit or delete content. Visitors are more likely to commit if your website has up-to-date information

•It's easy: our user interface is simpler to use than Microsoft Word, and we'll provide complete training too

•It's interactive: functionality such as forums, polls, search engines, news management and comments can be easily added

•It's everywhere: editing can be done with using virtually any web browser, anywhere in the world

•It's collaborative: lots of people can contribute, with levels of access from administrator to editor

•It's safer: CMS's offer better security than standard sites

It's profitable: you have control over potentially lucrative advertising on your site


Your latest product is ready. Within ten minutes you have press releases posted online and a teaser on your homepage.

Your company wins an award. Twenty minutes later the details are on your site ready for the media to pick up and run in tomorrow's papers.

A website contains three elements that must work in perfect harmony: content, structure and design. With a CMS from StyleCreations, we provide you with a solid structure and a clean design , as well as working with you to create the initial content. You will then have the power to add, edit and delete that content as necessary without worrying about the other elements or having to pay a webmaster!.

It really can be that simple!




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